i have never seen an article in a book or magazine on how to handle a horse that rears, from the ground. even the Equine Canada manual says that an expert should handle the horse til the problem is resolved but they don't make any suggestion on HOW to resolve it.turn out/bringing horses in protocolssuggestions from respected trainers quoted all over the place.
someone should look into that, don't you think???
i have unearthed the following tips for handling a horse that rears when led
1) wear a hardhat, gloves and proper footwear
2) use a long enough lead to move out of the way while still holding on, even if the beast is WAY up high
3) clip the shank to the side, rather than to the lower jaw ring to relieve pressure on the poll and reduce risk of lead getting caught between horse's legs
4) slacken pressure

i like to throw in a rebuke of some kind, like DOWN or NO, so they will know i don't think its okay...